Our Technology

Baller Athletik redefines the game by channeling your body's Far Infrared (FIR) Energy, bridging the gap between human potential and performance.

Introducing Baller Athletik's Performance and Recovery clothing. They're not just apparel, they're power. Power that your body embraces, absorbing the gentle pulse of FIR energy to elevate your performance and expedite your recovery.

In the realm of groundbreaking innovations, science has mastered the art of harnessing the potential of Far Infrared (FIR) energy to benefit the human body. Techniques such as FIR-focused lamps and saunas have been established as safe, efficient, and increasingly sought-after methods to deliver restorative benefits.

We've taken it further.

Unraveling the Spectrum of Energy.

Far Infrared Energy, also known as the ‘life giving energy’, spans across the electromagnetic spectrum, is fundamental to all life forms. Your body emits approximately 100 watts of FIR in a 24 hour period.

A compelling domain within this spectrum lies between 5.6 to 1000 micrometers, typically referred to as Far Infrared (FIR).

This segment resonates with a significant fraction of the sun's energy and the energy emitted by the human body as a result of its metabolic activity. The subtle dance between our biology and this radiant energy forms the crux of our technology.

Harnessing the Power of Bioceramic Minerals.

Bioceramic minerals are composites of inorganic compounds, derived from elements such as silica, alumina, calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals. 

Safe and effective methods have been eclipsed by our groundbreaking discovery. We've transcended conventional boundaries, infusing Bioceramic minerals into our fabrics - a leap that takes our gear from ordinary to extraordinary.

Fabric Infusion.

By infusing Bioceramic minerals into our fabrics, we create an innovative blend that absorbs and re-emits energy, resonating with the body's natural rhythm. Our approach, scientifically validated in the realms of sportswear and sleepwear, enhances performance, accelerates recovery, and promotes holistic well-being. It all resonates with the silent, powerful rhythm of energy - yours to command. So gear up and take on the world with amplified strength, unmatched stamina, and unstoppable speed.

With Baller Athletik, you're not just suiting up for the game, you're wrapping yourself in an aura of cutting-edge tech. Our gear amplifies your potential, pushes your limits, and redefines what you can achieve.

India's First and Only Energy Enhancing Transformative Clothing
India's First and Only Energy Enhancing Transformative Clothing

The Energy Effect

  • Boosted Cellular Performance

  • Optimized Oxygen Levels

  • Easy Muscle Recovery

  • Enhanced Nitric Oxide Levels

Our technology aids your body by enhancing blood flow, improving cellular oxygenation, and increasing performance. Exposure to this energy surges circulation, induces vasodilation, expands blood vessels and facilitates higher muscle perfusion.

Resting periods are vitalized by enhanced microcirculation that reduces muscle fatigue and propels quicker recovery. Enhanced circulation and elevated oxygen levels rejuvenate muscles, optimizing performance and revitalization.

By harnessing our technology, we've proven the reduction of lactic acid levels within muscles. This translates to quicker recovery times and reduced muscle soreness.

Our technology has been proven to boost nitric oxide levels within the body, enhancing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and optimizing cellular oxygenation. Nitric oxide aids in expanding blood vessels, facilitating increased blood flow and enhanced cellular oxygenation.

What This Means for You

  • Faster Reaction Times

    Studies reported a 6.45% improvement in response to audio and visual stimuli.

  • Stronger Balance

    Studies conducted in the Netherlands showed that 80% of participants reported a noticeable improvement in balance.

  • Optimised Muscle Recovery

    Studies conducted showed a 6.12% reduction in EKF blood lactase levels before exercise and during recovery.


    -John Gloster

    Chief Sport Scientist, Physiotherapist


    -Neville Wadia

    Exercise (Science) Professional, Soleus


    -Gaurav Bhirud

    Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

Endorsed By Champions

"I was so fascinated by the technology in the clothing, and wore it for 10 straight days, the recovery between sets, I'm not as fatigued and it's as simple as wearing a garment and getting better!"

Abeer Arsiwala, Indian National Footballer, Strength and Conditioning Coach - U Mumba

"They felt energised and well rested and improvements were observed in recovery patterns."

Bengal Warriors

"It has created great impact in my training, recovery, energy, my reaction time and sleep patterns which substantially improves my performance and endurance and with progressive results I look forward to win more championship wearing Baller Athletik"

Pranit Watve - Indian Racing Driver - Formula 4

"The players felt super comfortable in their gear, and they love how they look in it. We want the best in recovery tech for our players, and Baller Athletik delivers."


"Even if a billion dollar brand approached me, I wouldn't work with them. Having practically lived in Baller Athletik gear, I feel like the best possible version of myself and I feel myself levelling up everyday."

Karan Chauhan, MMA Fighter, India Ranked #3

"Players felt improvements in their sleep patterns, reduced post training muscle soreness as well as an overall improved sense of well being"

Rajasthan Royals

"As a professional football team we recognise the importance of BALLER ATHLETIK's contribution to enhance optimum performance by helping our athletes recover while they're playing, moving and resting."

ATK Football Club

"The technology in Baller Athletik improves my workouts and recovery multiple folds, just by wearing the clothes, it's amazing!"

Khushi Ganatra - National Para-lifter with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals under her belt

"Baller Athletik has helped me recover better and enhance my performance with my own energy. Even a difference of a few percentage increases in my energy levels can boost my performance"

Fatema Dhoondia - 4x World Record holder, 7 International Gold Medals, 4x Strong Woman Title

What exactly is Far Infrared technology, and how does it work?

Far Infrared (FIR) technology harnesses the power of infrared light, a natural and safe form of energy that penetrates deep into the body's tissues. It stimulates cellular activity, improves blood circulation, and facilitates various health benefits. Our sports and sleepwear are infused with a proprietary matrix of Bioceramic minerals that can absorb and emit the Far Infrared energy that your body emits, resulting in biological advantages for you.

What are Bioceramic minerals, and how do they contribute to Baller Athletik's products?

Bioceramic minerals are natural compounds, such as oxides of aluminum, silicon, and other elements, known for their ability to emit Far Infrared energy. These minerals are infused into our fabrics, turning them into powerful performance-boosting garments that interact with the body's natural energy for enhanced well-being.

Are Baller Athletik's Far Infrared products safe to wear?

Absolutely! Far Infrared technology is non-invasive and entirely safe for use in our products. In fact, FIR has been widely researched and found to provide numerous health benefits without causing harm.

How does Far Infrared technology affect sleep quality?

Far Infrared energy is known to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Wearing our sleepwear during sleep may help you experience these benefits and wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.

What kind of tests have been conducted on Baller Athletik products?

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness and quality. This includes laboratory testing to confirm the presence of Bioceramic minerals and their Far Infrared emitting capabilities, as well tests and research conducted at European sports and performance labs for their efficacy on performance and body recovery.

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