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Printed Crew Neck Tee - Poseidon

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    Make a statement with Baller Athletik's Printed Crew Neck Tee! This stylish and comfortable shirt features enhanced energy and recovery elements, making it perfect for keeping up your active lifestyle. Look sharp and stay energized in this modern classic!

    Product Description

    Baller Athletik's Athleisure Tees are the perfect addition to your workout or recovery wardrobe. Infused with Bioceramic minerals, these tees boost your energy, improve your balance, and promote faster recovery. Crafted with super soft materials and engineered with anti-static fibers, these tees provide unparalleled comfort and ease of movement. Whether you're hitting the gym or relaxing at home, wear the energy and unleash your true potential with Baller Athletik's Athleisure Tees. Experience the difference for yourself and take your performance to the next level with Baller Athletik.

    Product Details

    Fabric: 100% Polyester

    Poseidon Printed Crew Neck Tee for men
    Poseidon Printed Crew Neck Tee for men
    Poseidon Printed Crew Neck Tee for men
    Poseidon Printed Crew Neck Tee for men
    Poseidon Printed Crew Neck Tee for men

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Amit Khanna
    Perfect. Worth buying it

    Colour is very unique and i like the fit. Its great choice.

    The best

    A real good quality product

    Harish Kapoor
    True to Size

    It's true to size, which is a big deal for me I ordered my usual size, and it fits just right

    Rohit Kapoor
    Comfortable and Stylish

    I absolutely love this tee! It's incredibly comfortable, and the Poseidon design is unique and stylish

    Arvind Joshi
    Excellent Quality

    The quality of this tee is top-notch It's well-made, and I can tell it will last for a long time


    What are Bioceramic minerals, and how do they contribute to Baller Athletik's products?

    Bioceramic minerals are natural compounds, such as oxides of aluminum, silicon, and other elements, known for their ability to emit Far Infrared energy. These minerals are infused into our fabrics, turning them into powerful performance-boosting garments that interact with the body's natural energy for enhanced well-being.

    What kind of results have athletes experienced with Baller Athletik's Far Infrared sportswear?

    We worked with India’s leading Premier teams as well as individual athletes across major sports that have reported various benefits, such as improved performance, faster muscle recovery, reduced soreness, and enhanced overall well-being. It's essential to remember that results may vary from each individual, and we encourage users to give our products a try to experience the benefits themselves.

    What kind of tests have been conducted on Baller Athletik products?

    Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness and quality. This includes laboratory testing to confirm the presence of Bioceramic minerals and their far-infrared emitting capabilities, as well tests and research conducted at European sports and performance labs for their efficacy on performance and body recovery.

    How long does it take to see the benefits of Baller Athletik sportswear?

    The benefits of our Far Infrared may be experienced differently by individuals, depending on factors such as fitness level, training intensity, and personal physiology. Some athletes may notice improvements in performance and recovery almost immediately, while others may experience more subtle benefits over time. The effectiveness of our FIR sportswear can be measured in various ways, such as improved athletic performance, faster recovery, better sleep quality, or increased energy levels. As each individual's experience may vary, we recommend giving our products a try and observing the changes in your body and performance over time.

    Are there any scientific studies supporting the benefits of far-infrared technology and bioceramic minerals in sportswear?

    Yes, there are numerous scientific studies and research papers that support the benefits of far-infrared technology and bioceramic minerals in sportswear. These studies have shown improvements in various areas, including muscle recovery, circulation, and overall well-being. For a comprehensive list of studies and research, please visit our website's science and research section.

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